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Interlink Management is involved with communities in over 20 countries stretching primarily from Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia and East Asia. The following is a list of some of our activities.


Education is an investment into the future. We all hope that the next generation will flourish in better circumstances than our own. Learning is a way to equip children and youth to make a difference in their communities as they enter adulthood. Adult education helps people lead more productive and more satisfying lives. Interlink is committed to helping communities improve the educational options for their young people. This can take the form of helping existing schools with curriculum, facilities and staff, or it can involve starting new institutions. Each community is encouraged to participate in assessing its own educational needs.


Interlink Management is troubled that with all the medical advances in the world the distribution of health care services remains so uneven. Interlink activities include health awareness seminars, fitness programs, health clinics, specialized medical training and internships along with hospital collaboration projects. Our goal is to identify gaps in community health care systems and strive to close them. An important aspect of our program is modeling for health care providers how to demonstrate a high value on those who need health care.


Business Development is a key factor in the health of any community. A business does not exist primarily to enrich its owners, but to benefit its community. Our international business consultants help communities identify niche areas for development, help develop sound business plans and guide in technical, capital and management resources for entrepreneurial efforts. The strong focus is on how to encourage business efforts that tend to help the whole community as opposed to exploiting it.


Many rural communities around the world lack sustainable agricultural practices. Interlink Management seeks to help identify methods that replenish natural resources and maximize return for labor invested. Balance is needed between products that supply local demand and “cash crops” that yield high profits.


The global media industry has begun to blur cultural distinctives. Films, music and art have begun to look the same wherever you are. Interlink Management is interested in helping communities preserve local art forms and positive values that they represent. Specific writing, recording and video projects are designed to pass on community art forms to future generations.


Athletics and recreation help promote mental and physical health. Competitive sports can provide an arena for teaching lifelong values. On the other hand, greater access to television and computers discourages youth and adults from getting adequate exercise. Interlink Management promotes athletic programs and fitness centers that help people develop healthy lifestyles and reduce health risks.

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