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About Us
 Mission Statement

Interlink Management exists to connect caring, resourceful individuals with communities that recognize their potential for development.

 Vision Statement

As a result of the work of Interlink Management staff, communities around the world are experiencing a positive level of multi-sector transformation.


  1. Awareness – we value communities and resource people realistically assessing their own strengths and weaknesses and identifying priority needs.
  2. Interdependence – we value the exchange between communities and resource people in order to learn from each other’s rich traditions.
  3. Dignity – we value the right of communities and individuals to improve themselves with a view to helping other communities and individuals to improve as well.
  4. Integrity – we value the practice of “committing less” and “delivering more” in negotiating our role in the process of community transformation.
 Contact Us

Interlink Management, Inc.
PO Box 830333
Richardson, TX 75083-0333

Telephone: 01 214-838-3805